Coast Guard Base - Expansion of the Main Navigational Channel and Turning Basin

Client: Private Engineering Office / UCC

Brief Description:

• Construction of water bund/causeway all around the coast guard base working area for the purpose of work site protection and dewatering.
• Drilling and blasting of the required coast guard base area for a total volume of 3.2 million m³.
• Using our crushing plant, all the excavated material was processed to produce aggregates, quarry run and armor rocks for the protection works of the coast guard base jetty and causeway.
• Construction of the jetty and causeway of the cost guard base.
• Excavation of the turning basin channel.
• Excavation of 3.2 million m3 in rocks at Sumeisma shore for a depth between 6.8 and 9 meters.
• Crushing, screening, and mixing with dune sand for 640,000 m3 of the excavated material to be used for backfilling.

New Horizon as Sub-contractor to Urbacon Trading and Contracting L. L. C.